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Carpet in Putman, CT

Are you on the hunt for the largest selection of carpet near you? Look no further than Northeast Flooring & Kitchens. We carry an extensive collection of carpet to choose from, and our local sales pros are knowledgeable about all the different carpet types and styles. We will be here to help from the beginning to the very end, first consulting with you, then scheduling your installation, and ensuring your project runs smoothly.


Carpet Types


Selecting just one of the distinct carpet products available can be tough. However, knowing more about each type of carpet is an excellent way to ensure that you are investing in carpet that fits your space. In addition, when you consider your lifestyle before making a choice, you’ll get more out of your investment. For example, if you have pets and children that cause accidents often, opt for durable, stain-resistant carpets. There are five main types of carpet to choose from on the market today: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.



Nylon, a synthetic fiber, is considered a perfect all-around carpet option. Resilient and soft, nylon comes in a wide range of styles and colors.


Polyester, another type of synthetic pile, has a texture that’s like nylon. Polyester carpets are much more affordable than nylon. Once considered an inferior product, recent manufacturing advances have made polyester comparable to nylon in durability.


Olefin, a synthetic carpet pile renowned for its vivid color options, comes in a Berber-style weave. These durable carpets are especially prized for commercial uses.


Triexta, a heavier synthetic, is especially tough on stains. This type of carpe fares excellent in homes with pets or small children.


Wool, a popular natural fiber, can be pricey but is worth every penny. Colorful, warm, and incredibly durable, wool won’t harbor moisture and odors.


Our carpet selections, regardless of pile type, are composed in one of three ways:


Cut-pile carpet contains fibers that are trimmed into varying lengths for an inviting texture.


Loop-pile carpet is woven similarly, but its looped endings are left intact for an overall smoother surface.


Cut-loop carpet merges aspects of cut and loop pile for a denser appearance.


With stain-resistant carpet even the most challenging spills won’t deface your favorite looks. There are now hundreds of stain-resistant carpet options spanning your favorite patterns and colors. Engineered for daily excellence, each carpet’s fibers are coated to keep odors and stains from taking hold. Even the most extreme spills can be removed with clear water and a fresh towel.

Carpet Installation


Installing carpet in your home is just one way to add warmth and luxury. Bedrooms and living rooms are two prime rooms in your home where carpet is ideal. You can also install carpet in formal living rooms, dens, and offices. Durable, stain-resistant carpets can also be installed in hallways, on staircases, in playrooms, and in basements.


Our Carpet Selection


No matter what your preferences are, we are here to help you find the perfect carpet for your home. From basic neutrals to bright carpet patterns, we have something for you. We carry a variety of carpet brands. You’ll love our collection of carpet remnants. Please visit us soon to browse our carpet displays, or browse our carpet options online



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Caring for Carpet

You may be surprised at how far carpet maintenance

has come. With stain-resistance built-in to certain carpets

available today, keeping up with routine maintenance is a breeze.