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Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Is Engineered or Solid Hardwood Better?


If you’re interested in installing hardwood floors in your home or commercial property, it’s important to understand the different types of natural wood flooring available. At Northeast Flooring & Kitchens, we have an extensive collection of stylish, genuine hardwood products, including both engineered and solid wood variations. 


While solid wood panels consist of one continuous piece of wood, engineered hardwood planks are made from several laminated layers. While each type of hardwood offers unique advantages, they both provide the beautiful look of premium wood flooring in a stylish range of shades, cuts, and textures. You’ll find classic wood flooring options like bright and airy natural oak floors, along with contemporary styles like multi-color wood when you shop with us. Plan a visit to our Putnam, CT showroom to look over our flooring samples and see the various modern wood floors we have to offer. 


What is Solid Hardwood?

Solid wood has been a top choice for generations of homeowners thanks to its enduring beauty. Each solid hardwood plank is made from a single premium cut of wood. Solid wood can generally be sanded and refinished multiple times over its lifespan, enabling you to freshen up your space and eliminate imperfections like dents and abrasions. Refinished hardwood floors look beautiful and essentially brand new when the work is done professionally, and solid wood that’s cared for properly can last the life of a home. 


Solid wood is susceptible to moisture damage and isn’t recommended for below-grade areas like the basement or high-moisture spaces such as your kitchen and bathroom. Our solid wood flooring options include high-quality collections from Voyager and Rustic River.


What is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered wood panels consist of a premium cut of genuine hardwood that’s laminated onto lower layers of wood composite. This creates more structural stability and prevents the panels from warping when exposed to moisture, humidity, and heavy foot traffic. Engineered wood is an excellent choice for moisture-prone spaces like your kitchen, laundry room, basement, or anywhere in your home where you don’t want to worry about spills or wear.


Some engineered wood panels have a thinner layer of genuine wood, meaning they can’t be refinished as many times as solid wood and won’t last as long. However, higher-quality engineered wood can be refinished just as many times as a regular solid wood product. We carry engineered wood floors from top-rated brands like Invincible and Rustic River.


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If you’re interested in learning more about hardwood flooring, contact us today. We’re proud to be your local hardwood floor store, and we carry the best hardwood floor brands on the market. You’re sure to find an option you love when you choose us for your next flooring installation, and our experienced professionals are here to ensure the job gets done right. We’re proud to serve the Northern CT, Southern MA, and Northern RI areas.


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