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Tile Flooring in Putnam, CT

Tile in Putnam, CT

Tile flooring comes in a variety of styles, types, and designs. With eclectic options, it can be tough to determine which one is best for your project and your home.

At Northeast Flooring & Kitchens, our experts can help you understand the differences between each type of floor tile and point you in the right direction. Whether you’re set on vivid floral patterns, clean lines, or trending oversized tiles, we’re sure to have something that’s perfect for your space.

Which Types of Tiles Are Best For Me?

Ceramic, porcelain, and stone are the three primary types of tile flooring on the market today, and they each have unique benefits.




Planning Your Tile Installation


The areas where tile flooring and decorative tile can be installed depending on what type of tile you’re looking at.



What About Tile Backsplashes?

While a tile backsplash may seem like a minor change, it can make a stark difference when it comes to the functionality of your space and overall design.

Our showroom is full of tile for backsplashes, with looks including:

Create a backsplash that is uniquely yours. Unlike other finishes, a tile backsplash can be manipulated using diverse different tiles, borders, and accents to achieve your specific design goals. If you’re uncertain about what to choose, we can offer advice on the latest trends, or suggest classic tiles that won’t go out of style.

Our Tile Collection

Our selection of tile includes all three types of tile flooring as well as unique mosaics, shower tile, and more. If you’re looking for the perfect tile for your home, stop by our showroom in Putnam, CT, today to learn more.                           


Learn More About Tile



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Caring for Tile

Not sure how to keep your tile looking its best?

We can help you care for your new tile floors!